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Revised: 22nd July 2012

Subject:  e-mail;  a description and recommendation

  This is a brief introduction and recommendation to facilities available to those with e-mail address <name>@FarhiFamily.net, please choose what suits you best.

  There are three possible methods of using e-mail, some features concurrently and some features are mutually exclusive.  These are:


1) e-mail Forwarding:

This is most useful for those who have their own ISP (Internet Service Provider, monthly payment) and wish to keep their current e-mail address.  In this case the "forwarding" feature will deliver their mail and sender will not be aware of final destination.  Should user's e-mail change then user should change the forwarded address to the new address.  And others need not know about this change of e-mail address.

VebChi strongly recommends that you provide your FarhiFamily.net address to other family members and you maintain the forwarding facility.

Note that Forwarding and WebMail are mutually exclusive features.


2) POP Mail:

Those members who have their own PC and yet use public, free, WebMail services like Yahoo.com and Hotmail.com should seriously look at this.  POP mail will allow you to download your e-mail into your PC and then while "off-line", read and reply to them.  It also puts you in charge of your e-mail by having them locally on your PC.

Many of you already know that the free services mentioned above have two drawbacks.  One you are provided a limited disk space on which to keep your e-mail.  Second, you need to remain online for the duration of e-mail activity.

VebChi recommends that you try the POP mail in conjunction with Netscape 7.1 mail service.

Note that POP mail and WebMail service of FarhiFamily.net is always available for those who like to check their e-mail while traveling or away from their PC.

3) Web Mail:

Web mail service of FarhiFamily.net is similar to that of Yahoo.com and Hotmail.com.  To access it you need to go to webpage https://email.1and1.com/  and enter your name and password.

VebChi does not recommend switching from your current webmail to this service, unless, you will use POP mail in conjunction as mentioned above.  Those who are using webmail services should use the Forwarding and direct their FarhiFamily.net e-mail to their current e-mail address.

4) Help and Setup:

For e-mail features look at: http://faq.1and1.com/


For e-mail setup look at:


For assistance please contact  VebChi@FarhiFamily.net

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